Schieffer Says Resignation Will Stop Sarah From Running

Bob Schieffer predicts that Newt Gingrich will make a run for the presidency and Sara Palin won’t.

Appearing on The Early Show today, Schieffer saw Palin’s resignation as Alaska governor as too big of a political obstacle in the primaries.  Here’s how the Face The Nation host imagined a GOP primary opponent putting it to Palin in a debate:

BOB SCHIEFFER: “Sarah, when the going gets tough, will you get going–and going out?“  I mean, what is that all about?  I think that’s still a very tall hill for her to climb.  Others might disagree with me.  But I still believe that.  I don’t think she’ll make [a run].

My two cents say Palin might not run, but that her resignation won’t be a big factor in making her decision.  By the time the primaries roll around, her resignation will be ancient political history, and she will have four years of a record of fighting for Republican issues and candidates to run on.  Any opponent who tries to play the resignation card on her would wind up looking pretty petty and unpleasant.

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