Say What? Mitchell Claims Tea Party Goals Of Cutting Taxes, Limiting Spending ‘Totally Conflicting’

Say what? Andrea Mitchell has claimed that the Tea Party’s goals of cutting taxes while limiting spending are “totally conflicting.” The NBC correspondent made her anti-factual assertion on today’s Morning Joe, participating in the election post-mortem.

Perhaps we should be kind and chalk it up to Mitchell presumably having had a long night. Otherwise, how can you possibly explain her gaffe?  How could she not understand that it is precisely the limiting of spending that, far from conflicting with, facilitates the cutting of taxes?  Transcript after the jump.

ANDREA MITCHELL:  The problem I think that’s going to confront these new members, is these Tea Party activists are coming to Washington saying we want the tax cuts to be extended and we don’t want more government spending.   So they’ve got two totally conflicting mandates that they are bringing to Washington.   And any realistic approach to this is going to be, this is a train wreck.  There has to be some way of coordinating the impulse.

I’m guessing that Joe Scarborough was appalled by Andrea’s flub, but tried to cover for her by suggesting that there’d have to be compromised.

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