Republican Christie ‘A Millimeter’ From Calling For RNC’s Steele To Resign

Ron Christie has to be among the most loyal Republicans around. The former aide to Dick Cheney and George Allen is a regular on Ed Schultz’s MSNBC show, where he ardently defends GOP positions, typically in the face of a liberal double-team.

So when Christie comes this close to calling on RNC Chairman Michael Steele to resign, it’s news. And that’s exactly what happened on this evening’s Ed Show . . .

Schultz set things off with a question referring to today’s revelations about the RNC reimbursing charges at a strip club with a lesbian-bondage specialty.

ED SCHULTZ: Ron Christie, is this trouble for Mr. Steele?

RON CHRISTIE: I think it is, Ed. I’m getting really sick and tired of the slow drips coming out of the RNC. First, there’s a memo that had some very disparaging things about President Obama. Now you hear something about a strip club and spokesmen come out and say it’s a big misunderstanding. These people need to raise money and recruit candidates to run for office. I’m getting sick and tired of these distractions coming out of the RNC, and I just wonder whether or not this might be the third strike for Mr. Steele. I’m not going to call on him to resign just yet, but I’m just about a millimeter away from going on the airwaves–and I’ll probably do it on the Ed Show–and saying it’s time for him to go.

Mr. Steele, when Ron Christie says he’s on the verge of calling on you to quit, it’s time to say goodnight.

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