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Napolitano Profiling Patrick Kennedy?

There I was this morning, watching a Today segment about tougher new airport screening procedures.  A clip rolled of Homeland Security honcho Janet Napolitano talking about the program when suddenly I said to myself: wait for a second!  Who’s that standing behind Napolitano?

Darned if it wasn’t . . . Patrick Kennedy!  You remember good old Rep. Kennedy: the fellow who a few years ago . . . shoved a 58-yr. old airport security screener when she tried to stop him from barging through without submitting his oversized bag to x-ray screening.

So what was Kennedy doing there?  Then it clicked: Patrick must be Janet’s poster boy—Exhibit A of the kind of person, under the new plan, who will be subjected to extra screening, maybe even put on a no-fly list!

But no . . .

Turns out Napolitano announced the new program while in Rhode Island, touring areas ravaged by recent floods.  Kennedy was there in his capacity as a local congressman.  Should have known that one Dem would “posterize” another!  Even so, you might have thought that Kennedy would have been smart enough to find a way to keep himself out a photo op about tougher airport security ;-)