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Schieffer Says Resignation Will Stop Sarah From Running

Bob Schieffer predicts that Newt Gingrich will make a run for the presidency and Sara Palin won’t.

Appearing on The Early Show today, Schieffer saw Palin’s resignation as Alaska governor as too big of a political obstacle in the primaries.  Here’s how the Face The Nation host imagined a GOP primary opponent putting it to Palin in a debate:

BOB SCHIEFFER: “Sarah, when the going gets tough, will you get going–and going out?“  I mean, what is that all about?  I think that’s still a very tall hill for her to climb.  Others might disagree with me.  But I still believe that.  I don’t think she’ll make [a run].

My two cents say Palin might not run, but that her resignation won’t be a big factor in making her decision.  By the time the primaries roll around, her resignation will be ancient political history, and she will have four years of a record of fighting for Republican issues and candidates to run on.  Any opponent who tries to play the resignation card on her would wind up looking pretty petty and unpleasant.


Napolitano Profiling Patrick Kennedy?

There I was this morning, watching a Today segment about tougher new airport screening procedures.  A clip rolled of Homeland Security honcho Janet Napolitano talking about the program when suddenly I said to myself: wait for a second!  Who’s that standing behind Napolitano?

Darned if it wasn’t . . . Patrick Kennedy!  You remember good old Rep. Kennedy: the fellow who a few years ago . . . shoved a 58-yr. old airport security screener when she tried to stop him from barging through without submitting his oversized bag to x-ray screening.

So what was Kennedy doing there?  Then it clicked: Patrick must be Janet’s poster boy—Exhibit A of the kind of person, under the new plan, who will be subjected to extra screening, maybe even put on a no-fly list!

But no . . .

Turns out Napolitano announced the new program while in Rhode Island, touring areas ravaged by recent floods.  Kennedy was there in his capacity as a local congressman.  Should have known that one Dem would “posterize” another!  Even so, you might have thought that Kennedy would have been smart enough to find a way to keep himself out a photo op about tougher airport security ;-)